Arthur: The Beginning

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Arthur Berndt is struggling to survive his chaotic childhood and the odds are stacked against him. Every day he is trapped under the same roof with a fearsome enemy—his violent father. Arthur knows better than to tell anyone outside his house what’s going on inside it. What happens in the Berndt household is nobody else’s business; Arthur himself understands this unspoken rule.

While his father conducts a reign of terror at home, on the streets Arthur conducts one of his own. He desperately searches for friendship—with all the wrong people. As a result of his misguided quest for acceptance, Arthur turns into a precocious lawbreaker. He gets caught up in the legal system, becomes an unwelcome misfit in his neighborhood, and earns the title of black sheep at home.

Will Arthur survive his father’s physical attacks? Can he overcome his criminal tendencies before they become a way of life? Read Arthur’s gripping story now!